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Migrating Your Token Wallet

To achieve better compatibility with other Ethereum wallets, we have moved to the same HD wallet derivation path as Jaxx, Metamask, and others. As a result your Token address will change, and your testnet ETH balance will seem to have disappeared.

Although testnet ETH is of no value, you may want to get it back into your Token app - and it takes just a few minutes. First open your Token app and go to the Me and then Store backup phrase to get your 12 word backup phrase, and then follow the steps below:

Unlocking Your Wallet

  1. Browse to
  2. Use the dropdown in the top right of the page to switch to Ropsten testnet
  1. Click Mnemonic Phrase
  2. Type your 12 words in the box, each separated by a space. Leave Password empty.
  3. Click Unlock

Find Your New Address

  1. Under Select HD derivation path, make sure the first item m/44'/60'/0'/0 is selected
  2. Select the first address in the list and save it for later

Unlock Your Old Address

  1. Select the Your Custom Path option and put m/0'/0 in the input field
  2. Press Unlock your Wallet to continue

Send Your Balance To Your New Address

  1. Paste your new address in the To Address field
  2. Press Send Entire Balance
  3. Press Generate Transaction
  4. Press Send Transaction
  5. If all the details look correct, press Make transaction

That's it! Your balance should once again be visible in your Token app.