Toshi Developer Site

Welcome to the Toshi developer site!

Toshi is a user-controlled crypto wallet and a browser for Decentralized Apps or DApps. Our wallet features native support for Ethereum, ERC20 tokens, and ERC721 unique collectibles. Our DApp browser works with any DApps built using web3.js.

From listing your DApp in our gallery to getting support, you can find what need in these docs. More comprehensive guides are coming soon!

Recovering ETH sent to a testnet Toshi wallet

During the developer preview phase, Toshi is running on a testnet (Ropsten-revival), meaning that any mainnet ETH you send to your Toshi wallet address will not appear or be available within the Toshi app. Don't worry, the ETH is not lost, and you'll be able to send it back to your usual wallet in about 5 minutes.

To prepare, make sure you have your Toshi 12-word backup phrase handy. To find it, open Toshi, go to the Me tab and tap Store backup phrase.

When you've got that safely written down, we can get started:

Unlocking Your Wallet

  1. Browse to
  2. Click Mnemonic Phrase
  3. Type your 12 words in the box, each separated by a space. Leave Password empty.
  4. Click Unlock

Selecting Your Address

  1. Under Select HD derivation path, ensure the first option m/44'/60/0/0 is selected
  2. Under Please select the address..., click the top address

If everything has been typed in correctly so far, you will find that this address is the one you sent your ETH to, and the Balance should show the amount you sent (minus Ethereum's transaction fee).

You can then access this address by clicking Unlock.

Sending Your ETH Back

  1. Paste the address you would like to send your ETH to in the To Address field
  2. Click Send Entire Balance
  3. Click Generate Transaction
  1. Scroll down and click Send Transaction
  1. Double check that the amount and destination address are correct
  2. If you're sure that everything is correct, click Yes, I am sure!

You're done!